RFID solutions with OpenXava

The use of RFID technology in shops greatly facilitates the stock management since it converts a complex and elaborate procedure such as inventories in a simple, quick and precise operation. The Spanish company Tag Ingenieros has developed several RFID solutions using OpenXava, such as ITL Inventories RFID and ITL Retail RFID. These solutions are modular and can be adapted to all kinds of companies, offering multiple options in the design of its implementation, both for the management of stores (inventories, picking, merchandise movements, expeditions, etc.) and in shops (sales, merchandise reception, unknown loss prevention, stock control, interactive fitting rooms, demonstrators, etc.).

When we asked Javier Muñoz, CEO of Tag Ingenieros, why they chose OpenXava he tells us:

"The project was developed with OpenXava, since we already knew Java. OpenXava is open source and allows us to develop applications in less time thanks to the fact that you only need to write the business logic, the rest like the user interface and the database access is managed by this framework. When developing in Java we use threads to carry out large data processing operations."

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