Potable water in Ecuador

In Ecuador in rural areas there are companies that produce potable water, which are called water boards. A system developed with OpenXava is in production that bills and collects the potable water consumption of the inhabitants of the Olón commune in the province of Santa Elena.

The application manages the commercialization of potable water. The company has water wells that process it for distribution and sale to the inhabitants.

The system includes the following options:

  • Registration of the meter installation contract.
  • User registry.
  • Registry of facilities.
  • Meters.
  • Reading record.
  • Billing of consumption and installation of meters.
  • Collection of consumption and installation of meters.
  • Cuts and reconnections.

When we asked José Andrade, the developer behind this application, why he chose OpenXava, he says:

"Because it is an excellent tool, which significantly reduces development time, and above all things keep the database consistent with the application."

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