OpenXava for teaching

The Iscte, University Institute of Lisbon, a Portuguese public higher education institution has used OpenXava within the course of design and development of information systems of the graduation degrees in Computer Science Engineering and in Computer Science and Business Management. About 200 students designed and specified the front-end and the back-end of a credit management information systems application, with a focus on a simulation and approval management module. The design phase was achieved using Business Process Modeling language and Unified Modeling language. The implementation phase involved creating databases and stored procedures in MySQL and all programming in OpenXava.

When we asked Francisco Guimaraes, teacher from Iscte about his experience with OpenXava as teaching tool, he said:

"I'm using [...] in my teaching to 255 university students to illustrate the concept of Low-Code and JPA. The experience was good until now. and the support documentation is very good."

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