OpenXava 6.5.2 released

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some small improvements.

We invite you to download it and upgrade your OpenXava applications. Look at the migration instructions.

Download OpenXava 6.5.2 for Windows
Download OpenXava 6.5.2 for Linux
Download OpenXava 6.5.2 for Mac

Small improvements

We have done some small improvements:

  • Use of 4 digits for year in dates for all locales. 
  • 'How to' documentation improved. 
  • Oracle configuration documentation improved.
  • Concurrency and version property documentation improved.
  • Documentation to modify and build OpenXava code improved.

Bug fixes

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes:

  • Fix: Adding date separators and completing century in year only work for first date in view.
  • Fix: Date calendar and rich text editor do not change the language when xava.portal.locale is changed.
  • Fix: When locale is changed via code (xava.portal.locale) the link for help documentation is not updated.
  • Fix: Modules in left menu in incorrect language when you change locale from code (xava.portal.locale).
  • Fix: SchemaTool does not work with AS/400 on creating the foreign keys.
  • Fix: Icon of the action to search references is difficult to see in Dark theme.
  • Fix: Redundant columns to add to list when using inheritance with entities with collections.
  • Fix: Action links for rows in list inside dialogs are difficult to see in Dark theme.
  • Fix: Calendar icon inside date fields is difficult to see in Dark theme.
  • Fix: Error message about SameSite attribute with cookies in FireFox console. 
  • Fix: Dead code in JavaScript editors.
  • Fix: Poor performance getting calculated collections in some circumstances.
  • Fix: Saving a collection element fails if the collection is inside a reference displayed with @AsEmbedded.
  • Fix: It's possible to remove attached files inadvertently in upload editors, now it asks for confirmation.
  • Fix: OpenXava.buildOpenXava Ant target doesn't work if ISO-8859-1 is not defined at Eclipse level.
  • Fix: Italian dates do not use 4 digits for years.
  • Fix: Editing a date of 20th century with popup calendar shows the date in the 21st century.
  • Fix: Adding separators to date or completing century in year doesn't work if there is a leading space.
  • Fix: Changing total property in @ElementCollection for existing entity not recalculated dependent values. 
  • Fix: NullPointerException in log filtering in a list in the dialog to choose an element for a reference.
  • Fix: Last new line ( ; ) in a @View used as base with view inheritance is ignored. 
  • Fix: Modifying a transient reference by code produces the "Changed data" message on exit. 
  • Fix: Transient references are available for adding by user on customizing list columns.
Download OpenXava 6.5.2 for Windows
Download OpenXava 6.5.2 for Linux
Download OpenXava 6.5.2 for Mac

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