OpenXava 6.2.1 released

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some small improvements.

We invite you to download it and upgrade your OpenXava applications. Look at the migration instructions.

Download OpenXava 6.2.1

Small improvements

We have done some small improvements:

  • Some new common use labels to be used in applications.

Bug fixes

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes:

  • Fix: Eclipse compilation errors on open OpenXava workspace because it is not refreshed on startup.
  • Fix: Print " instead of " in PDF reports.
  • Fix: Saving an element in a nested collection if root collection is not cascade remove fails.
  • Fix: New action of a collection inside a collection element of a not cascade remove collection fails.
  • Fix: View.setFocus() does not select the text of the focused editor.
  • Fix: Keystrokes for hidden actions work and should not.
  • Fix: Reloading page from browser in a multipart form (from ILoadFileAction) produces an infinite loop.
  • Fix: Broken links in the menu of the Spanish doc for Custom Style, FAQ and Course.
  • Fix: Bad alignment of editors when combining small label with no label or regular label. 
  • Fix: Bad alignment of checkboxes and action links inside detail. 
  • Fix: @OnChange doesn't work for PHOTO, IMAGES_GALLERY, FILE, FILES and FileItem properties.
  • Fix: @RowStyle does not work for collections with no row action (@ViewAction or @EditAction) enabled.
  • Fix: View.getCollectionTab() can be called for ManyToMany, @OrderColumn or calculated collections, what causes confusion given it does not apply to this sort of collections.
  • Fix: @Embedded members are marked incorrectly as error when they are used more than once in an entity.
  • Fix: Editors not marked as error (with red border) inside dialogs with Terra theme. 
  • Fix: Wrong visual style for subcontrollers in collections.
  • Fix: In @ElementCollection when choosing a reference with dialog fills other references from previous row.  
  • Fix: Element collection values not saved when the first column is a @DescriptionList.
  • Fix: Invalid code is generated when project name contains hyphen.
  • Fix: Several properties from two second level references to the same model fail in list mode.
  • Fix: Dialog to add columns to list freezes when the entity has a lot of nested references. 
  • Fix: Searching in add columns dialog shows the properties in other language from time to time.
  • Fix: Search icon in module searching box missing.
  • Fix: Custom naming strategy for Hibernate not recognized.
Download OpenXava 6.2.1

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