From RPG to Java with OpenXava

The Galician company Isgal has developed an OpenXava application for the Coordination of Business Activities (Ox C.A.E.). Royal Decree 171/2004 obliges companies to control the activities that originate from the confluence of several workers from different companies in the same workplace. Ox C.A.E. offers a complete solution so that any company can comply with this regulation, offering a platform where both the company and the contractors can maintain the necessary documentation in order and available over time. Likewise, Ox C.A.E. It has a set of tools that allow permanent communication with contractors and systems for permanent verification of information. The application is multi-user and works in the cloud, with documentation history, real-time notifications, issuance of access cards and is compatible with any device.

When we asked Juan Pelaez Boismorand, from Isgal, about their journey to Java and OpenXava from RPG, he says:

"I had been looking for an alternative to RPG for some time, little by little I ran out of AS/400 clients because the computer and its maintenance were very expensive, there came a time when you could count on the fingers of one hand the clients that I knew that still had AS/400 and that was not possible. On the other hand, the lack of a native graphical environment in the AS400 worked against me, it's not that the applications we had weren't good, but you know that things often come through the eye, green screens were difficult to swallow in an age of internet, excels, pdfs, applications in the cloud, etc. I was looking for something that would allow me to unify these two worlds, one day I found OpenXava and decided on the references made for AS400. In fact the first thing I did was try to connect to my AS400, when I managed to connect I was opened to a new world. Little by little, as I got involved with OpenXava, I left the RPG because I see it as obsolete.

Today, I see my future exclusively with OpenXava because of how versatile it is, now the portfolio of possible clients is practically any medium-sized company."

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