From COBOL to Java with OpenXava

Software Promotions, a software company based in South Africa has migrated their legal accounting system from a COBOL legacy system to a Java web-based system using OpenXava. Lawpac is a comprehensive legal accounting system designed for the legal profession. The software provides the legal fraternity with the latest technology and features thereby enabling attorneys to manage their practices efficiently.

When we asked Medasha Govender, project manager from Software Promotions, why they chose OpenXava, she says:

"We migrated from a legacy system. There was a lot of code to convert. As OpenXava was model driven it allowed for rapid development. Also, we found it easy to learn and the support of the product is excellent."

When we asked her about the legacy system she says:

"It was written in COBOL using Vision files. That is why I sometimes struggle with Java. I have 20 years of experience writing COBOL applications and suddenly had to learn Java. Openxava made it a lot easier, so thank you."

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