Related technologies

Related technologies

Mobile, Nuxeo, Web UI Framework, Stadium, Model-Driven Development, LiveCode, PureBasic, Hibernate, dbForge Studio, Low-Code Development, ThinWire, CubicWeb, Visual Basic, 4ws.Platform, Xuni, Ebase Xi, AribaWeb, Essential Studio Enterprise, CNX Valence, Actifsource, dbFront, TrackVia, Alpha Five, JBoss Forge, GWT, PowerBasic, Xojo, Play Framework, Lift Framework, MDA, WebSphere, WinDev, AS/400, Oracle ADF, LightAdmin, Convertigo, LIMBAS, RemObjects, Seaside, Rapidoid, ontimize, nuBuilder, EntireJ, Java Persistence API, WebSphere Portal, Dropwizard, Base One Foundation Component Library, PHP on Trax, Wijmo, Sencha, Gambas Basic, ECO, IBM Rational Business Developer, Practico, Vert.x, Genexus, XPages, Wakanda, Zoop Framework for PHP, Visual DataFlex, XEO Framework, ERP, Grails, Gupta Team Developer, li3, Softwell Maker, CentralGest, JBoss Seam, Model Driven Architecture, Alphinat, Iron Speed, Morfik, GNAVI, Dependency Injection, CodeIgniter, JRapid, Jodd, Jooby, Xceed, AndroMDA, Time to Market, CRUD, IBM Rational Application Developer, Portofino, Vue.js, Lianja, Enterprise Core Objects, Apache Isis, LANSA, Web Dynpro, XataFace, MDD, Eclipse Scout, AllFusion Plex, Stripes Framework, Dbi Tech Studio Controls, Actian OpenROAD, Spring Framework, Portlets, BCGSoft, Pylons Project, Syncfusion, WaveMaker, CA Plex, VRaptor, CapableObjects, Apache Click, DevExtreme, Symfony, Django, Oracle Faces Rich Client, Infragistics, Accelerator Development Solutions, CSLA .NET, Progress Rollbase, ScriptCase, JavaLite, Velneo, Baratine, Janus Systems, Vaadin, wxWidgets, Omnis Studio, Oracle Forms, JSONForms, Web2py, Component One Studio, Oracle Application Development Framework, Oracle, PrimeFaces, RadPHP, DevExpress, Meteor, SpiderBasic, JSF, ActiveWeb, RadRails, Web Application Framework, Kwizcom Forms, AppFuse, Servoy, JHipster, MyFaces, Codejock, Genio, Pinax, RADICORE, ENode Framework, Castle Project MonoRail, Silex Framework, IWCGjQuery, Struts, Intersoft Premier Studio, CrossUI, Ionic, Comsat, CodeCharge Studio, HyperNext, WebSharper, eZ Components, Wicket, LightSwitch, Backbase CXP, Joget, WebRatio, Flask, WebSphere, PADRO PHP Framework, Ninja Framework, Ruby on Rails, Tapestry, gvNIX, EMF Forms, FormSpider, Liferay, Bean Validation, Flexmonster, Sibvisions Jvx, Brutos Framework, Groovy, openMDX, Spring MVC, Adobe Spry, Koseven, RapidClipse Framework, RAD Studio, Web Applications for Linux, ASPRunner, Yii, Four Js Genero, MySQL, Juzu, Mako Framework, Laravel, Kohana, Phoenix Framework, CloudIO, GrapeCity, ZK Framework, OpenRasta, PHPWACT, PHPRunner, JPA, Espresso Logic, Actipro, FoxPro, SmartClient, Seagull PHP Application Framework, Cloud, PostgreSQL, APEX, Oracle Application Express, Smartface, RichFaces, ICEfaces, Indigo Studio, OmniFaces, IntegralUI Studio, WEB4J, Framework7, Spring Roo, Habanero Framework, AppFlower, etc.


Noobeek is a service in the cloud that allows end users (also called citizen developers) to create their own applications without programming. It is a no-code platform like Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel

Noobeek is perfect tool to create a project management software or a bug and issue tracker like Trello, JIRA, BaseCamp, Sifter, PagerDuty, Bugzilla, Backlog, Mantis Bug Tracker, MantisBT, Trac, Redmine, HP ALM, HP QC, HP Application Lifecycle Management, HP Quality Center, FogBugz, IBM Rational ClearQuest, Lighthouse Issue Tracking, Zoho Bug Tracker, The Bug Genie, BugHost, DevTrack, BugNET, eTraxis, Lean Testing, DoneDone, Request Tracker, BontQ, WebIssues, Axosoft, Woodpecker Issue Tracker, YouTrack, Unfuddle, InformUp, Gemini Issue Tracking, BUGtrack, uTest TestTrack, Mylyn, etc.

Noobeek is a perfect tool to create a CRM (Customer Relationship Management application) or a sales application (online and web) like Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, Pipedrive, HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM, Nimble, Monday CRM, Deltek Vision CRM, Agile CRM, ProsperWorks CRM, Apptivo CRM, Fieldbook CRM, Streak, Bitrix24,, Odoo CRM, Foundersuite, PlanPlus CRM, Avidian, Prophet CRM, Vtiger CRM, Bpm`online CRM, Platformax, RepairShopr CRM, amoCRM, SalesNexus Online CRM, Freshsales, Preferred Patron Loyalty, 1CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, InStream, NetHunt CRM, Relenta, Lexicata, SalesOutlook CRM, Teckst, Sellsy, Cirrus Insight, Yetiforce, Salesbox, Conrep, PatronManager, Sage CRM, Salesboom CRM, PMAM CRM, RAYNET CRM, Mi9 CRM, SalesJunction, Planner Dale, Teamleader, WCN Talent Acquisition Suite, icomplete CRM,, HarmonyPSA, Automational, Gro CRM, PeopleVine, Snapforce CRM, FieldForce, GoSquared, SalezShark, Kaseya BMS CRM, Borneosoft CRM, ClientSpace, Orax SDI, Salpo CRM, Atemis CRM, Avature CRM, DealCloud, Flowlu, Forcemanager, Ploiter, SuiteCRM, billage, BuzzFlow, Comidor CRM, Crowdskout, OroCRM, Resco Mobile CRM, Veeva CRM, Honeybee, OMNITRACKER, Talisma CRM, AllProWebTools, BlueCamroo, Conversocial, HaystackCRM, PlayMaker CRM, SalesBabu CRM, Workforce Manager, ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus, Anthill CRM, CRMPRO, Interakt, Kustomer, Liid, Lynkos, Pega CRM, Prolocus CRM, RealTime CRM, RedHorse CRM, Simpleview CRM, UPilot, Virtuous, WakeUpSales, Basic Online CRM, CRM on clouds, Erpisto CRM, EspoCRM, HyperTeam CRM, i-linked, Kapture CRM, Mia CRM, Monkey CRM, Salestrakr CRM, Skyward CRM, Aptean Pivotal CRM, Bluwave CRM, BusinessMan CRM, Clouderac CRM, etc.

Noobeek is a perfect tool for rapid development of an invoicing application (online and web) like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, ActiveCollab Invoicing, Zoho Invoice, Invoiced, Invoicely, MoneyPenny, Curate Invoicing Software, SlickPie, TopNotepad, Invoice Ninja, Hiveage, Tipalti Invoicing, Blinksale, Coupa Invoicing, Teamleader Invoicing, Harmony PSA Invoicing, Flowlu Invoicing, CloudBooks, Deskove, InvoiceOcean, HoneyBook, InvoiceBerry, Sleek Bill, Invoicera, PandaDoc, Deltek Invoicing, vCita Billing & Invoicing, Sage Invoicing, BlinkBid Invoicing, Invoice Template, Clarity Software Invoicing, ALTO Exchange, Payscape Invoicing, BillingOrchard, JeraSoft, Billage Invoicing, Grizzly Quote and Invoice, Biller Genie, NCH Express Invoice, Infor CloudSuite Business Invoicing, SuiteDash Invoicing, Bill & Pay, BillingServ, Envoice, F-Billing, JobFLEX, JustOn, Microsoft Invoicing, Moon Invoice, Odoo Invoicing, Simple Invoices, Billdu, Bookmemate Invoicing, GetMyInvoices, Holded Invoicing, Invoice Home, Invoice Simple, Ramco Invoicing, IPaidThat, Adagio Invoicing, Aynax, InventoryBiz Biller, BillingMe, Gopher Invoicing, Invoice 101, Item8 Invoicing, LiteAccounting, Send Invoice, ZBilling, ManageMart Invoicing, HQ Mobile Albert, Albert Invoice App, AllInvoice, BlueSkype App, BlueSkype Invoicing, Bridge App, Bridge Invoicing, Bx Invoicing, Challan and Invoice Printing System, Corcentric Invoicing, DesignSoft Creative Billing, Easy Invoice+, EasyBilling, EzzyBills, FastBill, Fitnet Manager Invoicing, GreenerBilling, Taulia eInvoicing, Inveezy, Invoice Expert, Invoice Meister, Invoice Station, Invoice Studio, Invoicebus, Invoiceit, InvoicePlane, kBilling, KwikBilling, MyInvoices & Estimates, NEON Billing, ChikPea Billing, Octobat, ONE UP Invoicing, OneBill Billing, Paid API Invoicing, Paper Free Billing, Paytradie, SimplifyThis, Simply Invoice, SliQ Invoicing and Quoting, Street Invoice, Swipe Gateway, TaskBiller, Yes Invoice, ZINation, 1Click Invoice, Account Pro Invoice, Accountis EIP E-Invoicing, Rkom Invoice Writer, Actiinvoice, AGISbiz, Agnitumus Billing System, Aliphia, Amber-JCS, Apptricity Invoice, Beacon Invoicing, Bill Again, Bill Central, Bill Flight, etc.