October 20, 2022

OpenXava Studio 7 R2 available

OpenXava Studio 7 release 2 is already available for download. It works with MacOS 12 and with Macs with M processors. Moreover, it always uses the latest OpenXava version on creating new projects.

It is true that we said that we were not going to release versions of Studio very frequently. But, in this case we found two bugs that are worth fixing as soon as possible. 

The first is that when creating a new project in some computers it does not use the latest OpenXava version, for example, it uses 7.0-BETA2 instead of 7.0. We used RELEASE as version in the Maven command, which theoretically uses the latest version, but maybe because of a bug in Maven Central or in Maven itself, it does not always work fine. Now, we get the version number from the GitHub repository, so it always works well.

The second problem is that some Mac users complained that OpenXava Studio does not start on their Macs. Yes, it worked on MacOS 10, but not in MacOS 12. We fixed the problem and OpenXava Studio has been tested in MacOS 10 and 12, and with Intel and M processors.

Download OpenXava Studio 7 R2 for Windows
Download OpenXava Studio 7 R2 for Linux
Download OpenXava Studio 7 R2 for Mac

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