January 30, 2023

OpenXava 7.0.5 released

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some small improvements.

To update edit the pom.xml file in your project and change the value of the openxava.version property, in this way:


Then rebuild your project:

  • With OpenXava Studio:
    • Right mouse button in your project > Run As > Maven clean
    • Right mouse button in your project > Run As > Maven install
  • Or with command line: mvn clean package

Look at the migration instructions.

Upgraded libraries

We have upgraded the following third party libraries:

  • Added Log4j (2.19.0) as a new dependency.
  • Groovy upgraded to 4.0.7.
  • Driver version in doc and new projects upgraded for Firebird.

Documentation improvements

We have been working to improve documentation:

  • Doc for using Groovy in OpenXava applications upgraded to Maven/OpenXava 7 version.
  • Doc for developing with a 32-bit machine upgraded to Maven/OpenXava 7 version. 

We release new docs and videos constantly, not waiting for the official release of the code. So you have been already using some of the above material, although all the above docs are in the GitHub under the 7.0.5 tag.

Bug fixes

We have done many fixes:

  • Fix: @Calculation does not work for members of @Embeddable in @ElementCollection.
  • Fix: JavaScript from an IJavaScriptPostAction not executed if the action calls to showDialog().
  • Fix: @Coordinates map from base view hides dialog content.
  • Fix: The addActions() method does not work if called from an action that extends ReferenceSearchAction.
  • Fix: Row selectable in list only when the mouse is just on text of the cell content.
  • Fix: If a @HtmlText has XML content, columns to the right are shifted one position to the left in the list.
  • Fix: A ' followed by > breaks the cell content in the list for @HtmlText properties.
  • Fix: When a @HtmlText has an apostrophe the tooltip in list mode is shown only until that apostrophe. 
  • Fix: The second call to View.setValueNotifying() from an @OnChange action doesn't fire the change event.
  • Fix: Editors with suffix don't show the suffix well if it has an apostrophe.
  • Fix: New project created from openxava-archetype-spanish contains unknown characters for accents.
  • Fix: Incorrect placement in the UI for an @Action associated with a @File property.
  • Fix: Error in log: ERROR StatusLogger Log4j2 could not find a logging implementation. 

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