October 14, 2019

Belgian Chocolate with OpenXava

Zokola is a chocolate company from Belgium and it runs on a custom-made OpenXava application.  Bart Devos, the creator of the application and co-owner of Zokola tell us:

"I started an order management, delivery note and invoicing system for Zokola (our company). But it became more than that. As we have more than 80 chocolate products, we needed a system to manage the printing of labels with ingredients, nutritional values, shelflife, lotnumbers and so on. So this is generated from the OpenXava application thru a JavaScript library of the Dymo API. Further on i'm building a module to make planning more easy. Also, we work with a great application called ToDoist for all our tasks we need to do. This application has a REST API for which i wrote a connection with our OpenXava application."

Note two interesting points here. First, he uses a JavaScript library, Dymo API, for printing labels. Yes, you can use JavaScript libraries from OpenXava and make anything you can imagine in your application. OpenXava is fast but also flexible. And second point, he uses REST to integrate with a third party application. OpenXava is not all or nothing, you can integrate your OpenXava application with other existing systems via web services, SOA or REST.

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