September 24, 2020

XavaPro 6.4.1 released

XavaPro 6.4.1 is a maintenance version with several bug fixes:

  • Includes OpenXava 6.4.1.
  • Fix: Properties without label in list do not show the name in ordering drop-down menu.
  • Fix: Drop-down menu in Android does not hide the calendar icon in date fields.
  • Fix: Values without label show : in list mode for mobile UI.
  • Fix: Disabled fields show on top of drop-down menu with iPhone.
  • Fix: Module title too long hides the detail in mobile UI.
  • Fix: Adding roles to a module in Module has no effect in collections until Tomcat restarts.
Learn more about XavaPro

Try it yourself

Demo: (User: demo, Password: demo)

If you want to try the admin features reply to this email asking for the admin password.
If you want to try the mobile features access to above URL using your mobile phone.

To learn more go to the XavaPro page.

If you're an Enterprise customer you will receive an email with the upgraded Enterprise edition.

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