August 4, 2020

XavaPro 6.4 released

XavaPro 6.4 has the next new features:

  • The administrator can assign a different visual theme to each organization.
  • It's possible to restrict access to a user by IP.
  • Modify action allowed for references in mobile.
  • Mobile UI shows two actions on bottom, the default one and the first one without icon.
  • LDAP over SSL supported.
  • Label from name property of User changed from Name to User to not be confused with Given Name. 
  • Removed actions for creating/removing modules from Modules module. 
  • Includes OpenXava 6.4.
  • Fix: Icon to open subcontroller misplaced some times in mobile.
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Visual theme by organization

You can assign a different visual style to each organization. For that, go to the Organizations module and edit an organization. There you have a property called theme with a combo to choose from the available themes, thus:

Choose one and click on Modify, afterwards that organization will use that theme with no possibility to change it by the user. If you don't define a theme for an organization all the themes will be available to be chosen by the user in that organization.
All the available themes are defined in with the themes property, in this way:
themes=terra.css, light.css, dark.css, black-and-white.css, blue.css

Restrict access by IP

It's possible to define an "allowed IP" for a user so that user can only access from that IP. For that, go to the Users module in the Admin folder, choose a user and then give a value to the Allowed IP field:

Finally, click on Save. If the Allowed IP value is blank the user can access from any IP.

Modify action in references for mobile UI

In order to keep the UI simple, the Modify action in references was not available in mobile. However, many of you have asked for that action in mobile. So, now you have the Modify action in references, as in the desktop version:

In the above example you can click on MODIFY to modify the data of the customer of the current invoice.

Two actions on bottom with mobile

Since v6.3 the actions in mobile are shown in a drop-down menu when there are many actions and on bottom otherwise, while the default action is always on bottom. However, we have found some cases when a secondary action next to the default action on bottom is convenient. Therefore, in v6.4, even if all the actions are shown in the drop-down menu, on bottom we have the default action and the first action of the controller without icon, to mimic the desktop behaviour:

In this case SAVE is the default action and CREATE INVOICE the first action of the controller with no icon. 

Try it yourself

Demo: (User: demo, Password: demo)

If you want to try the admin features reply to this email asking for the admin password.
If you want to try the mobile features access to above URL using your mobile phone.

To learn more go to the XavaPro page.

If you're an Enterprise customer you will receive an email with the upgraded Enterprise edition.

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