May 16, 2019

XavaPro 6.1.1 released

XavaPro 6.1.1 is a maintenance version with several bug fixes:

  • Includes OpenXava 6.1.1.
  • Fix: From time to time the application does not start because of a NonUniqueResultException.
  • Fix: Multitenancy does not work with MySQL.
  • Fix: Some connection leaks.
  • Fix: Exception on server log on showing an upload file form with mobile.
Learn more about XavaPro

Try it yourself

Demo: (User: demo, Password: demo)

If you want to try the admin features reply to this email asking for the admin password.
If you want to try the mobile features access to above URL using your mobile phone.

To learn more go to the XavaPro page.

If you're an Enterprise customer you will receive an email with the upgraded Enterprise edition.

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