May 24, 2024

OpenXava 7.3.2 released

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some small improvements.

To update edit the pom.xml file in your project and change the value of the openxava.version property, in this way:


Then rebuild your project:

  • With OpenXava Studio:
    • Right mouse button in your project > Run As > Maven clean
    • Right mouse button in your project > Run As > Maven install
  • Or with command line: mvn clean package

Look at the migration instructions.


We have done some improvements:

  • New Maven archetypes "openxava-master-detail-archetype" in English and Spanish (-spanish).
  • Some new common use labels to be used in applications.

Upgraded libraries

We have upgraded the following third party libraries:

  • Commons Logging upgraded to 1.3.2.
  • Embedded Tomcat used in development upgraded to 9.0.89.
  • Driver version in doc and new projects upgraded for MySQL and Oracle.


We have been working to improve documentation:

  • First lesson of the new reporting course with JasperReports available in documentation with video.
  • Documentation about total properties in the view section of the reference guide improved with more examples.
  • New article in documentation that links to an example in GitHub to create a desktop standalone app. 

We release new docs and videos constantly, not waiting for the official release of the code. So you have been already using some of the above material, although all the above docs are in the GitHub under the 7.3.2 tag.

Bug fixes

We have done many fixes:

  • Fix: Infinite "Loading..." in list with @HtmlText properties with long text that contains double quotes.
  • Fix: Not allowed long email addresses for @Email, @Stereotype("EMAIL") and @Stereotype("EMAIL_LIST").
  • Fix: MetaModule.getModelName() returns module name instead of model name in some circumstances.
  • Fix: Incorrect default value for by-default in actions when DOCTYPE is not specified in controllers.xml.
  • Fix: Focus not in @DescriptionsList(showReferenceView=true) if it's the first element with composite key.
  • Fix: Sometimes there are blank rows in @OrderColumn lists.
  • Fix: Element is not shown in @OrderColumn list if added modifying directly the element entity reference.   
  • Fix: Bad size and scale in user interface when using @DecimalMax with a value with a decimal part.
  • Fix: Incorrect length for BigDecimal in the view when using 'scale' in @Column or 'fraction' in @Digits.
  • Fix: Extra elements added to @ElementCollection when using float or double as property type.
  • Fix: Total properties disappear from collection when adding or removing columns.
  • Fix: Error/success messages fail to fade out if the next action opens a dialog.
  • Fix: Error "Expected property name or '}' in JSON" with @TextArea with HTML code with double quotes. 

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