December 11, 2023

OpenXava 7.2.1 released

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some small improvements.

To update edit the pom.xml file in your project and change the value of the openxava.version property, in this way:


Then rebuild your project:

  • With OpenXava Studio:
    • Right mouse button in your project > Run As > Maven clean
    • Right mouse button in your project > Run As > Maven install
  • Or with command line: mvn clean package

Look at the migration instructions.

Upgraded libraries

We have upgraded the following third party libraries:

  • HtmlUnit upgraded to 3.9.0.
  • Commons IO upgraded to 2.15.1. 
  • POI and POI OOXML upgraded to 5.2.5.
  • Groovy upgraded to 4.0.16.
  • Embedded Tomcat used in development upgraded to 9.0.83.
  • Driver version in doc and new projects upgraded for PostgreSQL, Db2 and Firebird.

Bug fixes

We have done many fixes:

  • Fix: @OnChange on @ManyToOne does not work if the referenced model has nested composite keys with only references.
  • Fix: Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability via XSTL from dependencies.
  • Fix: Attribute idProperties of @Tree annotation ignored.
  • Fix: Application name in automated testing doc starts with uppercase, so tests do not work with v7.
  • Fix: Spanish screenshot in English @Tree reference documentation.
  • Fix: Modules with dates annotated with DATETIME or FECHAHORA stereotypes do not show week and day views.
  • Fix: When navigating by records with the tree editor the tree collapses.
  • Fix: Attribute pathSeparator of @Tree annotation ignored.
  • Fix: @OnChange action in @Coordinates does not work.
  • Fix: Vulnerable JavaScrit code using eval() in @Coordinate editor.
  • Fix: Popup calendar for data fields is not in Greek when browser language is Greek.
  • Fix: @OnChange action in upload editor (@File, @Files, PHOTO, etc)  does not work.
  • Fix: Incorrect placement of subcontroller popup in collections.
  • Fix: Charts do not show a bar for each row in list mode, but only shows a bar for the first row.

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