November 11, 2020

OpenXava 6.4.2 released

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some small improvements.

We invite you to download it and upgrade your OpenXava applications. Look at the migration instructions.

Download OpenXava 6.4.2 for Windows
Download OpenXava 6.4.2 for Linux
Download OpenXava 6.4.2 for Mac

Small improvements

We have done some small improvements:

  • Lessons 7 and 8 of course upgraded to latest OpenXava features.
  • New applicationPort property in to indicate the port used by the application launcher.
  • New method getPopupContentAsStream() in ModuleTestBase to get the content of new web window.

Bug fixes

This is a maintenance version with many bug fixes:

  • Fix: "Controller YourController not found" error accessing the application when Tomcat is starting.
  • Fix: Label and column width changed by user not persisted if the column isn't in the original @Tab.
  • Fix: @NoFrame references are not well aligned with flowLayout=true.
  • Fix: Two groups in a row (separated by comma) are placed one below other with flowLayout=true.
  • Fix: WEBURL button renders incorrectly when flowLayout=true.
  • Fix: Property ICON in list without label is aligned to top when there are too many columns.
  • Fix: JasperReportBaseAction actions fail with databases with no READ_UNCOMMITTED support like Oracle.
  • Fix: Extra second added in java.sql.Time properties with some databases, such as PostgreSQL.
  • Fix: Required style not applied to text area editors.
  • Fix: JavaScript error with @Calculation properties: "Cannot read property 'toFixed' of undefined".
  • Fix: BigDecimals not recognized as numeric values by Excel because of thousands separators with CSVs. 
  • Fix: When the load action of an upload editor adds errors the messages are not shown to the user.
  • Fix: After adding two rows in an @ElementCollection with PHOTO the new blank row has an error.
  • Fix: Validation errors in controllers.xml/controladores.xml files in just created projects.
  • Fix: Clicking on menu of a module with IChangeModuleAction does not return to root module.
  • Fix: Duplicate load of totals via AJAX when refreshing an element collection.
  • Fix: View.setValue() for an element collection does not work.
  • Fix: View.setValue() for a reference sending the value as a map works but displays an error.
  • Fix: Application launcher (the _Run_YourApplication) fails if port 8080 is used by another process.
  • Fix: getView().setModel(anEntity) with an entity in a transient module put the permalink parameter.
  • Fix: Assign a model to the view of different type of the module and then reload the browser page fails. 
  • Fix: Group by month or year of a DATETIME property implemented with a java.util.Date fails.
  • Fix: Import data from Excel turn big numbers into 2147483647.
  • Fix: Real Excel generation (included in TypicalRealExcel) exports BigDecimal as String.
  • Fix: Assigning an Integer to a BigDecimal property with MapFacade fails instead of doing a conversion. 
  • Fix: Concurrent exception accessing labels from time to time under high load with many concurrent users.
  • Fix: View.setValue() to set null to a reference throws an exception.
  • Fix: Exception on save leaving first fields in blank when they are not required and with null values.
Download OpenXava 6.4.2 for Windows
Download OpenXava 6.4.2 for Linux
Download OpenXava 6.4.2 for Mac

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