March 11, 2024

New XavaPro Subscription

The current price of XavaPro Enterprise, $999 USD, is very competitive when compared to other development tools on the market, considering that it is a license for a team of up to 10 developers, includes the source code, and the license is perpetual. 

Even so, its price may be high for small applications with few users or little use. Also, the price can be a barrier if you simply want to do a proof of concept or evaluate XavaPro in depth before committing to it. That’s why we have created a new distribution of XavaPro, XavaPro Subscription. XavaPro Subscription is a license per end user, with a cost of $19 per user per month. In this way, we make the entry point to XavaPro lower, while maintaining an appropriate price for the Enterprise and Corporate editions.

We have withdrawn the Professional edition, with the Subscription edition being its replacement as the entry point to XavaPro. The Enterprise and Corporate editions remain under the same conditions as before.

Finally, we have eliminated the return policy, since the Enterprise and Corporate editions include all the source code, which makes it impossible to include a deactivation system. And above all because now with the Subscription edition there is a cheap and low-risk way to evaluate XavaPro before investing in a more expensive edition.

Look at XavaPro Subscription pricing and condition

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