November 23, 2022

How to modify OpenXava code?

From the beginning of time the source code of OpenXava has been included in the OpenXava distribution, inside the workspace. So the code of your application was in the same place as the code of the OpenXava framework. This allowed you to see the code of OpenXava at any moment, debug the code of OpenXava and even modify the code of OpenXava. 

But, since v7.0 the source code is no longer included in any place. So what if you want to examine or modify the code of OpenXava? The code of OpenXava is in GitHub and it's not very difficult to get the code from GitHub and include it in your own workspace.

Recently, we have created a tutorial that teaches you how to examine and modify OpenXava code for your own applications. You can even contribute code to OpenXava to be included in future official releases. We invite you to follow the tutorial and try to modify OpenXava yourself:

Follow the Modify OpenXava Code tutorial

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