June 3, 2024

Digitalisation in tourism with OpenXava

Istra Tech is a leading Croatian software company with over 30 years of expertise in developing specialized technological solutions for hotel and catering industries. Their commitment to delivering high-quality and customized IT solutions contributes to the success of tourism businesses throughout the region.

The MISH system, developed by Istra Tech, has provided a competitive advantage for over 280 facilities in accordance with their specific needs, relevant global standards, as well as domestic laws and other essential regulations. Istra Tech is well-known as a trusted partner in the hospitality industry, offering a stable system that supports different types of tourism companies, including some of the most successful ones.

The company uses OpenXava to build the EVIP web application, designed for tracking attendance and related activities within the organization. The EVIP system is developed for physical, visual and logical monitoring of attendance participants across different areas with multiple monitoring points. Based on the records, the system generates detailed time calculations for each participant. Internally, the system creates detailed records for each employee capturing their arrival and departure times, both for work and personal reasons, like official and private outings, vacations, and other types of leave. Additionally, it also has the possibility to automate WiFi switches for tasks such as raising ramps, opening doors, triggering alarms, and controlling various devices. Furthermore, it allows users to view streamed IP surveillance cameras, configure email notifications, use programmable intercoms, etc.

When we asked Dušan Đurić from Istra Tech why they chose OpenXava, he says:
"I have always argued that Java will not find widespread use in the design of business systems until it is "framed" in some macro or framework package. OpenXava is the first one I came across that attracted me by the fact that I can get something functional right away without fuss and a bunch of configuration files and with relatively little knowledge of Java."

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