Details about HSQL database server

Some knowledge of database is required for this guide. You should have installed OpenXava too.

Starting up HSQL server

We have created a database called management-db (or perhaps we want to create it), so from the command-line we place in the folder openxava2.X/portal/bin (where openxava2.x is the folder we have installed Openxava) we run
And we have started up the HSQL database server and a service at the port 1666.

HSQL Administrator.

We can get this program from the HSQL web and install it. Then we execute runManagerSwing.bat from the subfolder demo. Now we can administrate better our database management-db. In the next display we can see the options to connect to the database.


In the next example, we have a catalogue named "GESTIO" and several tables created. One of these tables is ININ03. Now we can try to use SQL commands to create tables or to retrieve information. We should use a "_" to separate the catalog form the table to use the SELECT commands as we can see as follows.