openxava / documentation / Eclipse

Since v6.4 OpenXava includes OpenXava Studio, so you don't need an additional IDE to work with OpenXava. OpenXava Studio is based on Eclipse but is lighter and more beautiful. Moreover, you can install any Eclipse plugin you need on top of OpenXava Studio and change or customize the visual theme, to have a light theme or color icons, for example. Anyways, if you prefer to work with your own Eclipse you can.
Open your own Eclipse and choose File > Switch Workspace > Other... There select the workspace included with OpenXava:


If your Eclipse version is not the exact one used by OpenXava Studio, Eclipse will say you that the workspace is older or newer, don't worry just accept. Eclipse does a good work migrating workspace versions. You can use from a Eclipse Neon to the very last Eclipse version without any problem. Indeed, the instructions of Getting Started guide should work with your own version of Eclipse.

OpenXava projects are WTP projects, so if you use Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers, you can add a Tomcat server in the Servers tab and add your OpenXava applications to it.