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If you're using an OpenXava version older than 7.0 look at the old instructions
OpenXava Studio (openxava.exe in Windows or openxava executable in Mac/Linux) requires a 64-bit machine to work. However, you can use OpenXava framework in a 32-bit computer, even the latest version. Just download a 32-bit Java and use Maven. You can use any plain text editor or if your prefer a Java IDE you can download a 32-bit Eclipse.

Install Java for 32-bit

Go to Oracle JDK 8 download page, there choose a distribution with x86 in the name (or i586 in the filename), like Linux x86 Compressed Archive or Windows x86:
Download it, run it and follow all the steps to install the JDK in your computer.

Download and install Maven

Download the latest Maven version from Apache and install it in your computer.

Create your first OpenXava project

Now you can follow the OpenXava getting started guide with Maven to create your first OpenXava project with your 32-bit computer. You don't need OpenXava Studio, you can do it with command line and a plain text editor.

Use Eclipse

Instead of using a plain editor you can use a Java IDE, like Eclipse. Eclipse 2018-09 was the last with 32-bit support, so download Eclipse 2018-09 for Windows 32 or for Linux 32. Uncompress the downloaded file and click on the eclipse executable you have inside the eclipse folder. Then use the import options of Eclipse to include your OpenXava project in your Eclipse workspace. Eclipse has full support to work with Maven projects.