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MinuteProject/OpenXava presentation in Latvia

June 1, 2012

The MinuteProject lead, Florian Adler, will do a presentation about MinuteProject and OpenXava in Latvia, the next Thursday, June 7th. All the demos will start from scratch i.e. a DB model that is evolving across the presentation. Main demos will target technologies: JPA2, REST, Spring, CXF, OpenXava for reverse-engineering. A new feature of Minuteproject is introduced: Statement Driven Development with a demostration for REST track. Eventually a last demo will show how to get instantly a web site with OpenXava.

The presentation will be in Tallink Hotel Riga at 18:15 organized by Latvia JUG

The theme of the presentation is: MinuteProject's Reverse-Engineering Short Stories

If you are near Latvia the next week you're invited to attend this presentation.

Look at the event agenda and register.


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