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OpenXava 4.2.2 released OpenXava 4.2.2 released

OpenXava 5.8.1 released

November 21, 2017

The OpenXava team is pleased to inform you that OpenXava 5.8.1 is already available.
We recommend you to download it and upgrade your OpenXava applications. Look at the migration instructions.

It is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some new minor features:

  • New look for sections.
  • Default value calculators with on-create=true (only in XML components) are not executed on clicking New action.
  • Fix: Creating a new project in Eclipse 4.7.1a (Oxygen 1a) does not work.
  • Fix: Filtering by booleans is not accurate when there are nulls in the database column.
  • Fix: On browser refresh the portlet title in Liferay is incorrect.
  • Fix: Element collection inside dialog shows horizontal scrollbar.
  • Fix: Charts are not well aligned.
  • Fix: When there are many sections (tabs) in a small screen the latest tabs are not clickable.
  • Fix: Filtering in a collection inside a reference produces an error.
  • Fix: Adding columns to a collection inside a reference produces an error.
  • Fix: Paging in a collection produces that in the next entity there are no entries until we paging.
  • Fix: % in a condition of a @DescriptionsList breaks the list if it contains the reference.
  • Fix: Tab.setBaseCondition() does not update the list UI immediately in some cases.
  • Fix: Generating PDF from a dialog puts the dialog content in the main view.
  • Fix: Browser refresh while editing a collection element changes the element by the root entity in the dialog.
  • Fix: Checkbox with tooltip can not be checked/unchecked.
  • Fix: Showing a dialog in list mode resizes the list.
  • Fix: Ugly layout with long text when DISCUSSION used inside a section.
  • Fix: Charts are below the buttons instead of on the right.
  • Fix: Cards are not updated when data is updated in detail mode.
  • Fix: Grouping in a list with calculated properties fails.
  • Fix: Ordering in a list with grouping fails, both by the user or using @Tab(defaultOrder=).
  • Fix: @Calculation does not work in collections.

Download OpenXava 5.8.1


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