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OpenXava 4.2.2 released OpenXava 4.2.2 released

OpenXava 5.7.1 released

June 13, 2017

The OpenXava team is pleased to inform you that OpenXava 5.7.1 is already available.
We recommend you to download it and upgrade your OpenXava applications. Look at the migration instructions.

It is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some new minor features:

  • Reference actions are shown in the reference frame, instead of next to the key field.
  • New method resetEntityManagerFactory() in XPersistence.
  • Fix: Base condition and default order is shown in query name making it large and cumbersome.
  • Fix: Double click in an upload file action executes the action twice producing error.
  • Fix: Saving with resetAfter=false and refreshAfter=false fails on creating with hidden key when saving a second time.  
  • Fix: Impossible to search a reference if its view has no at least a plain field.
  • Fix: SchemaTool does not work with PostgreSQL when we use @Index in @Table.
  • Fix: When scrolling in a touch screen @OrderColumn rows move inadvertently.
  • Fix: Impossible to select text in @OrderColumn collections.
  • Fix: Mode tabs too close to right when cards list format is used.
  • Fix: Horizontal scrollbar with flow layout.
  • Fix: Horizontal scrollbar with cards list format.
  • Fix: Frames truncated in dialog with flow layout.
  • Fix: Queries names in list have some incorrect ) when ignoreAccentsForStringArgumentsInConditions=false.
  • Fix: Opening the first combo in a dialog with a @OnChange throws the onchange event closing the combo on click.
  • Fix: Images gallery shows the content of the HTML_TEXT stereotype if the property is called "description".
  • Fix: The reference to parent is shown creating a new element from an entity collection without @CollectionView/@View.
  • Fix: If the list has many columns without column resizing the icons for edit and delete are one below other.
  • Fix: In lists with many columns the detail/list/both links are outside of viewport without column resizing.
  • Fix: Impossible to remove columns in list without column resizing, the x is missing.
  • Fix: Comparator combo and filter value textfield do not fit all the available space without column resizing.
  • Fix: Flow layout does not select correct format (vertical or left to right) on first page load.
  • Fix: Textfields too separated from label in views with few fields.

Download OpenXava 5.7.1


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