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OpenXava 4.2.2 released OpenXava 4.2.2 released

OpenXava 5.6.1 released

January 30, 2017

The OpenXava team is pleased to inform you that OpenXava 5.6.1 is already available.
We recommend you to download it and upgrade your OpenXava applications. Look at the migration instructions.

It is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some new minor features:

  • Each browser tab has its own independent session state by module.
  • New icon for WebURL editor, now embedded inside the fields, as in the date case.
  • New method moveCollectionElement() in MapFacade to move collection elements programmatically.
  • New method Servlets.getCookie() to get a cookie from the request.
  • New method toList(Iterable it) in XCollections utility class.
  • Some new common use labels to be used in applications.
  • GoToURLAction removed, it was used only by WebURL editor that now uses a direct link.
  • Improved stacktraces thrown from an editor for easier debugging.
  • Method reload() removed from MetaComponent. 
  • MetaComponent has a new boolean property called metaDataCached, to determine if the metadata is cached for that component.
  • Fix: Opening the same module in several browser tabs produces unpredictable behavior.
  • Fix: Closing a dialog scroll up to the beginning of the page.
  • Fix: Controllers do not overwrite repeated actions.
  • Fix: Impossible to add new lines in an @ElementCollection with only @DescriptionsLists.
  • Fix: Combo for @DescriptionsList does not open for third line in @ElementCollection.  
  • Fix: Impossible to delete elements from @OrderColumn collections.
  • Fix: Money symbol in MONEY stereotype is not shown in @ElementCollection.
  • Fix: After removing a row in an @ElementCollection searching a reference with a dialog changes the incorrect row.
  • Fix: @DescriptionsList annotated with @ReadOnly in a @ElementCollection can be edited.
  • Fix: Pressing Cancel when adding columns to the list used for search a reference fails.
  • Fix: Remove column icon is not shown when the column is too narrow.
  • Fix: Customization icons for list columns in several lines with Liferay 6.1.
  • Fix: Using setControllers() inside an action to show a dialog with several levels removes the actions on come back.
  • Fix: Closing the dialog to add a new element in ManyToMany collections removes the actions of current dialog.
  • Fix: Second nested dialog for adding a new ManyToMany element does not show its actions.
  • Fix: @Required in enum for @ElementCollection gives incorrect validation errors on save.
  • Fix: Newly created entity is not available when navigating with left/right arrows. 
  • Fix: Dialogs with collections with many properties are bigger than screen.
  • Fix: Searching a reference produces a dialog bigger that the page if there are many properties in the list.
  • Fix: Calculated properties with @Depends do not work when in the same view of a polymorphic reference.
  • Fix: Two collections in the same row are wrapped by a very ugly frame inside and outside Liferay.
  • Fix: @DescriptionsList combos in @ElementCollection are not well aligned. 
  • Fix: Reference annotated with @DescriptionsList(showReferenceView=true) and @NoFrame alone inside a section breaks the layout.
  • Fix: Ugly spacing in @DescriptionsList with showReferenceView=true. 
  • Fix: When mouse hover an option of a @DescriptionsList combo and click outside the selected value is lost.
  • Fix: When mouse hover an option of a @DescriptionsList combo inside a dialog and click outside the option is shown but not selected. 
  • Fix: When a group, section or main view is aligned by column with @NoFrame references inside not aligned by column the layout is broken.
  • Fix: @Editor in a property of an @Embeddable used in a @ElementCollection does not work if the view name of the module is no the default one.
  • Fix: Calling an action after saving with element collection fails if an event changes the main view.
  • Fix: Properties placed on right of the UI when the next element has a frame, fails when @NoFrame is used. 
  • Fix: assertLabel()/getLabel() of ModuleTestBase do no work with members with frame.
  • Fix: NullPointerException with JDBCTabProvider when the keys contains null.
  • Fix: Current user lost in jUnit tests under certain circumstances.
  • Fix: Editors are cut when their columns are resized in @ElementCollection inside Liferay. 
  • Fix: View.isEditable(String member) does not work with references.
  • Fix: assertEditableInCollection() and assertNoEditableInCollection() from ModuleTestBase do not work with @DescriptionsList.
  • Fix: ICON stereotype editor is not correctly aligned in some cases.
  • Fix: URLs without http:// prefix do not work in WebURL editor.
  • Fix: Icon for going to the URL is not shown in WebURL editor inside element collections.
  • Fix: GenerateReportAction does not work for XLS and MyReports.
  • Fix: In Jxls utility classes when using some characters ( [ ] * / \ ? : ) in sheet names fail creating the POI sheet.

Download OpenXava 5.6.1


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