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OpenXava 4.2.2 released OpenXava 4.2.2 released

OpenXava 5.5 released

April 27, 2016

OpenXava 5.5 has autocompleting combos for @DescriptionsList, the option of showing a combo and the detail view at the same time for a reference, uses icons instead of images for all UI elements, generation of real Excel from list mode, and many more things.

We invite you to download it and upgrade your OpenXava applications. Look at the migration instructions.


From now on all the references annotated with @DescriptionsList allow the user to type in the text field of the combo to search, in this way:

For the rest the control behaves as a regular combo. The programmers do not need to touch any code.

Combo and view at the same time

Now it's possible to show the combo and the regular view at the same time using the showReferenceView attribute in @DescriptionsList. If you write this code:

@DescriptionsList(showReferenceView=true) // Combo and view at the same time
@ReferenceView("Simple") // This is the used view
private Seller seller;

You get:

The used view is the specified in @ReferenceView or the default one if not specified.

Icons for all UI elements

In v5.4 we introduced the option of using icons for actions, however many UI elements were still using images. We have refined all the UI to give a consistent appeareance, like this for list mode:  

And this for detail:

This is a detailed list of icons related improvements:

  • Delete icons are red on hover.
  • There is no special icon for key, just the required icon if applies.
  • Icon instead of image for sorting rows in collections with @OrderColumn.
  • Icons instead of images for messages.
  • Icons instead of images for sort indicators in list and collections.
  • Icon instead of image to reset filter values in list and collections.
  • Icon instead of image for boolean values in list and collections.
  • Icons instead of images for date and date/time editors and list filtering.
  • Icon to throw calendar in DateTimeCalendar editor inside textfield.
  • Icons instead of images in new created project from templates.
  • New icon for going to first record in detail mode.
  • Icons instead of images for page navigation in lists.
  • Material Design Icons upgraded to 1.4.57.
  • Icon instead of image for help.
  • Icons instead of images for closing and opening frames.
  • Icons for customizing list are of the same color (green).
  • Icon for showing and hiding filter in list is in the same place.
  • Icons instead of images for customizing list and collections.
  • Icons instead of images for validation error and required.
  • Better alignment for icons in button bar.

Real Excel generation in list mode

By default we still use CSV for Excel generation, but now you can configure your application to generate real Excel instead. Just add this to your application.xml:

    <controller name="TypicalRealExcel"/>

Moreover, in your own controllers you have to extend from TypicalRealExcel instead from Typical.

Other improvements

We have done a lot of improvements in other areas:

  • Pressing ENTER in the filter part of a collection executes the filter of the collection.
  • "contains" instead of "starts" as default value in filters for string values in list and collections.
  • New ICON stereotype to store an icon of Material Design Icon into a property of an entity.
  • Delete buttons are red only on hover.
  • Property showApplicationName in to hide or show the application name in header.
  • New xava:label taglib to include i18n labels in custom JSPs.
  • German translation improved.
  • Documentation in for new projects improved. 
  • Documentation about module navigation improved.
  • Default renderer now is JSP based instead of Java based.
  • ValidValuesRadioButton and ValidValuesVerticalRadioButton editors look improved. 
  • Table created by default for images gallery allows big images. 
  • New method XObjects.execute() to call dynamically methods with three arguments.
  • View.setEditable(member, state) works for references and collection in addition of plain properties.
  • Stereotype FILE supports multischema.

Bug fixes

Though this is not a maintenance version we have done some fixes:

  • Fix: Clear button in IE is on top of calendar icon in date fields.
  • Fix: Generate schema tool fails when the dialect is not specified.
  • Fix: Internet Explorer CSS adjustments ignored for IE11.
  • Fix: Icon in date fields hides some part of the date in some browsers. 
  • Fix: Text field font size and family inside dialogs are not the same than in a regular view.
  • Fix: If view is not initialized View.setEditable(member, state) is not propagate to groups. 
  • Fix: Generating PDF in list fails with Android.
  • Fix: ValidValuesVerticalRadioButton editor does not align the first option well. 
  • Fix: Properties inside a group within a section are not cleared or saved.
  • Fix: Label style does not work.
  • Fix: referenceEditor.jsp name ignored in editors.xml.
  • Fix: Editors with frame=true composite=true do not work correctly.
  • Fix: Textfields are not aligned when there are validation errors.
  • Fix: Frames not aligned with element collections.

Download OpenXava 5.5


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