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OpenXava 4.2.2 released OpenXava 4.2.2 released

OpenXava 5.3.2 released

July 28, 2015

The OpenXava team is pleased to inform you that OpenXava 5.3.2 is already available.
We recommend you to download it and upgrade your OpenXava applications. Look at the migration instructions.

It is a maintenance version with many bug fixes and some little new features:

  • New RemoveSelectedInElementCollectionAction to refine @RemoveSelectedAction for @ElementCollection.
  • Fix: View inheritance fails with groups inside sections.
  • Fix: The menu shows modules from MappedSuperclass classes.
  • Fix: Strings.removeAccents() does not remove grave accents.
  • Fix: Class not found OrganizationServlet deploying on JBoss.
  • Fix: Errors in tabs-default-values.dtd and valores-defecto-tabs.dtd.
  • Fix: Clickable region in list does not include the entire row area, but just the text.
  • Fix: An IJDBCCalculator with properties assigned using 'from' fails because the JDBC provider is null.
  • Fix: Combos for references in list filter ignore order defined in @DescriptionsList. 
  • Fix: Reloading page produces "Editor not available" error in charts.
  • Fix: Second level references with @DescriptionsList do not show the combo for filtering in list.
  • Fix: A qualified properties in a list fails when the simple name of the property is used in other part of the full qualified name.  
  • Fix: Apostrophes incorrectly shown in search dialog title in Spanish.
  • Fix: Saved chart configurations are not restored.
  • Fix: Transaction marked as rollbackOnly in element collection with default calculator that use JPA.
  • Fix: @ReadOnly in list with @OrderColumn can be reordered by the user.

Download OpenXava 5.3.2


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