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OpenXava 4.2.2 released OpenXava 4.2.2 released

OpenXava 4.7.1 released

May 28, 2013

Although OpenXava 4.7.1 is a maintenance version with many bug fixes it also has some new interesting features such as:

  • Possibility of aligning by columns in the root view.
  • The images gallery editor uses a dialog.
  • Russian documentation improved.

See changelog for the complete list of new features and fixes.
We recommend you to download it and upgrade your OpenXava applications. Look at the migration instructions.  

Aligning by column is available for root views

Until now # symbol for aligning columns was only available for groups and sections. From now on it's also available for the root view. That is, if you define a @View as following:

 @View( members=
    "number, description;" +
    "family, subfamily;" +
    "unitPrice, unitPriceInPesetas;"        

You get:  

However, now you can define the view in this way:

 @View( members=
    "#number, description;" + // Note the #
    "family, subfamily;" +
    "unitPrice, unitPriceInPesetas;"        

To get this:  

Moreover, if you add the entry alignedByColumns=true in all the views of your application will be aligned by column even if you do not specify the #.

The images gallery editor uses a dialog

Until now the gallery images editor took the current view space. Now, it uses a dialog to show the images without losing the context, in the same way that occurs with other elements as references and collections.


And more

See changelog for the complete list of new features and fixes.

Download OpenXava 4.7.1


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