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OpenXava 4.2.3 released OpenXava 4.2.3 released

Noobeek 2017.07

July 27, 2017

Noobeek gives some of the power behind OpenXava to end users.

This new 2017.07 version improves the user experience for newcomers. It includes:

  • User interface to add new fields has been redone.
  • Guiding message when there are not fields yet.
  • Toolbar is not shown if there are not fields.
  • Tooltip with examples when creating a new application or module.
  • Clear and big sign up link in the main page.
  • First steps link removed from top bar.
  • We no longer ask for the email just after the first sign up.
  • Start button is not shown until you're logged.
  • Search and Refresh actions have been removed.
  • After creating a new record the form is cleared and ready to create a new one.
  • Save button is on bottom again.
  • Delete action in detail mode is not present if there is not a record selected.
  • Redundant module description in menu of modules is omitted.
  • Font size for list and fields changed.
  • Number of modules shown in the menu in the first load is 20, before it was 15.
  • Generate PDF and Generate Excel work even if the browser does not allows popups.
  • Clicking in detail mode when the list has no rows executes New action.
  • Trying to use an already used named for a new module gives a correct validation message.
  • Fix: If we use a reserved name (such as module) as module name, we get access to original reserved module, not a security hole, but very confusing.
  • Fix: Clicking on First steps goes to Create new module.
  • Fix: Trying to add a field, reference or list without name does not generate a correct validation error.
  • Fix: If we leave the module name in blank it gives an odd error on create.
  • Fix: Adding a list of itself without fields yet fails.

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