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OpenXava 4.2.3 released OpenXava 4.2.3 released

New OpenXava course updated to latest OpenXava version

September 2, 2015

We have a complete OpenXava course available on-line for several months now. We created the first version of the course using the content of the book Learn OpenXava by example whom is base in OpenXava 4, however our plan is to update all the course content to latest OpenXava version and expand the course to cover more topics. 

Now, we're happy to say that we already have 4 lessons of the course updated to latest OpenXava: 

The lesson 1 is very important because includes the configuration of the environment to start to work, something hard in the Java world. The lesson 1 now uses Eclipse Mars and OpenXava 5.3, and you configure the Tomcat 7 included in OpenXava inside Eclipse. Moreover, we have simplified the content, removing some parts not needed at this point. If you tried to start with OpenXava but failed we invited you to try it again using the new lesson 1.

The appendices are the theoretical content that in the book were the first chapters, but we prefer put them at the end, in order that you can start to write code from the first moment, and read the theoretical stuff at your own pace.

We hope you enjoy the new course. We continue working on it.

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