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OpenXava 4.2.3 released OpenXava 4.2.3 released

NaviOX 2013v1 released

May 8, 2013

NaviOX is an add-on to add user management, menu and a better look & feel to your applications.

NaviOX 2013v1 has the next new features:
  • Hierarchical menu for the modules.
  • The modules list is hidden by default.
  • The modules list is hidden when a module is selected.
  • 'All modules' button renamed as 'Start'.

Hierarchical menu for the modules

Many NaviOX users, specially those of Professional edition, have been asking for a hierarchical menu for NaviOX, so we have added one. Now, instead of a long list with all the modules the user get a list with modules that can contain folders and sub-folders, like this:

When you click or tap in any folder, such as Admin, CRUD modules or Trashes, a slide effect shows a new menu. In this way the menu uses little screen real estate and it's easy to use with both touch screens and mouse. 
To organize the modules of your application in folders you have a new module called Folders. Have a look at this video to learn how to use it.
The hierarchical menu is only available in the Professional and Enterprise edition. The LITE edition uses a plain list with all the modules.

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