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OpenXava 4.2.3 released OpenXava 4.2.3 released

NaviOX 2012v3 released

December 5, 2012

NaviOX is an add-on for adding security and navigation to your OpenXava applications. Moreover, NaviOX gives a modern look & feel to your applications.

NaviOX 2012v3 has the next new features:
  • Customizable welcome page for sign in.
  • Customizable first steps page for the first time execution, to improve first-run experience.
  • Added the properties givenName, familyName, jobTitle, middleName, nickName and birthDate to User.
  • Users.getCurrentUserInfo() from OpenXava works.
  • All labels and messages in English, Spanish and Catalan.

First-run experience

Ignoring the blank slate stage is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The blank slate is your app's first impression and you never get a second...well, you know. (from Getting Real)
We want that NaviOX gives you a good impression, but also that your applications give to your customers a good first impression. So, we have improved the blank slate stage for NaviOX.
Now, when you try to sign in you get the next screen:


In this way, we do a little introduction to our application. Really, this is not the blank slate because we present this screen always not just the first time. In previous NaviOX versions the first-run after login only shows a blank page with no links on top. Now, the user gets a first steps page, like this:


This is a good place to show the user how to start with your application. You can modify these pages editing welcome.jsp and firstSteps.jsp files in the web/naviox folder of your project.

Personal data for user

We have added some useful personal data to the user:


This data can be obtained from your code (actions, entities, etc) using the OpenXava API Users.getCurrentUserInfo(), just like in the Liferay case.

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