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OpenXava 4.2.3 released OpenXava 4.2.3 released

NaviOX 2012v2 released

September 25, 2012

NaviOX is the add-on for adding security and navigation to your OpenXava applications. A new version of NaviOX has been released recently. This version includes an all new look & feel, a new LITE free edition, a year of support for the Professional edition and a free royalty license.

Go to the NaviOX page to try the on-line demo or to download and try it in your own OpenXava applications.

The new look & feel

The first NaviOX version used the Liferay 5.1 style, but given that NaviOX is a container for OpenXava applications (just like Liferay but lighter), it deserves its own look & feel. NaviOX now looks like NaviOX and not like Liferay.

The new NaviOX style uses CSS3, so it has beautiful shadows and rounded corners without using images or javascript. The new style is very lightweight. The earlier style (from Liferay 5.1) used a 3,000 lines CSS file and a 10,000 lines javascript file, while the new style is a single 500 lines CSS file. The new NaviOX looks nice and fast in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iPad and even Internet Explorer, though in IE9 the look is not so great, but good enough.

Now, we’ll show you some screenshots. First, the list of modules:

The list mode:

A detail mode with sections and groups:

A dialog:

You should try the on-line demo (user: test, password: test) to see the new NaviOX style by yourself.

A free edition, a royalty free license and more

Though we have offered NaviOX for free until now, because it was beta, really there was not a FREE edition, the Standard edition costs €99. For this new version of NaviOX we have renamed NaviOX Standard as NaviOX LITE and we have made it free.

Additionally, now the Professional edition includes a year support, so far the support was included in the Enterprise edition only.

The more important thing is that NaviOX now has a formal license (that you can read in naviox-license.txt from the NaviOX bundle). This license allows you to use NaviOX to develop unlimited applications, for unlimited users in unlimited deployments, that is, it’s a royalty free license. You only have to pay for each developer that uses NaviOX. This license applies to LITE edition too, therefore you can use include it in your commercial applications for free. However, you cannot decompile or modify NaviOX in LITE and Professional edition, but you can modify Enterprise edition that includes the complete source code.

Go to NaviOX page


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