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Moving support to StackOverflow

December 11, 2012

UPDATE (March 1, 2013): After three months using StackOverflow we come back to SourceForge forum. The main reason is that StackOverflow moderators close valid OpenXava questions, like this one, and we think this is unacceptable. Of course, if you like StackOverflow you can put OpenXava questions on it, and we'll answer you, but we'll promote SourceForge forums as main support source for OpenXava.

Since 2005 we have been using SourceForge forums for OpenXava support. They have been a very valuable tool for the OpenXava community. Currently, we have more than 3000 threads, most of them questions or problems happily solved. 

We are not going to remove the forums, indeed we'll continue using them for discussion. However, we want to promote StackOverflow for support over SourceForge forums, because many questions in the OpenXava forums are not specific of OpenXava, but related with generic development topics, such as Java, JPA, Eclipse, Tomcat, JBoss, Liferay, MySQL, etc. If we put these questions in StackOverflow with the appropriate tags we have a better chance of getting answers, because the StackOverflow community is greater than the OpenXava one.

So, we encourage you to ask your questions about OpenXava on StackOverflow with the tags openxava, java, java-ee more other tags related with your specific problem such as jpa, eclipse, tomcat, mysql, etc. Look at

One more thing: if you want to get support for free, please give support for free. Use StackOverflow not only to get help, but to help others too.

What do you think about using StackOverflow for support?


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