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OpenXava 4.2.3 released OpenXava 4.2.3 released

Lesson 7 of OpenXava course

January 9, 2018

We're working hard to upgrade the current OpenXava course that is based in OpenXava 4 and in PDF format to use OpenXava 5 version and wiki format. We are pleased to announce that we have just finished the lesson 7, now it uses OpenXava 5 features. The lesson 7 explains how you can define your own controllers and actions and associate them to modules or entities, and in that way refine how OpenXava behaves.

Have a look at the new lesson 7

With this we have updated Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, Lesson 4, Lesson 5, Lesson 6, Lesson 7, Appendix A, Appendix B and Appendix C.



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