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OpenXava 4.2.3 released OpenXava 4.2.3 released

Develop a CRM in 10 minutes

March 13, 2018

Sure you can develop a CRM, though basic, in 10 minutes with OpenXava. However, if you start from scratch and want to have your application in production with sellers working with your CRM, the time required is a bit more. You have to download Java, Eclipse and OpenXava in your computer, then you have to install the software and configure your environment. One hour, at least, if you have no problems. Moreover, after your application is developed, you have to configure a server, install a database, create the tables in the database, install Java and Tomcat in the server, and then install your OpenXava application there. A lot of time. The conclusion is that as minimum your need a day in order to have a simple application ready for your users.

However, with Noobeek is differente. Developing a CRM with Noobeek takes 10 minutes. 10 minutes from starting with a computer with a browser to having the CRM ready to be used by your sellers. Don't believe us. Watch this video:



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