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A Payroll application with OpenXava for 30,000 employees

October 16, 2014

Can you use OpenXava for developing critical applications? Can you use OpenXava for big organizations? Of course, yes and yes.

Surely you don't believe us completely, so we offer you the testimony of Kazeem Akinrinde an OpenXava developer from Nigeria:

I fully developed Apex, a leading Payroll/Human Resource management system with OpenXava. Apex is already deployed and running in Nigeria currently. Our biggest client is Borno State Government, with about 30,000 employees being managed by our application, Apex. Apex is also being used by Baptist mission schools, one of the largest christian denomination in the country.

The real catch about our experience while developing Apex with OpenXava was the speed of development without compromising the quality. Where I worked before as Team Lead, we were 15 developers and it took us almost 6months to complete an application with almost the same functionalities and quality, but only me single-handedly developed Apex in less than 3months with added functionalities including over 40 Reports designed with Jasper; all thanks to OpenXava.

Kazeem Akinrinde

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